Friday, August 31, 2007


Can't stop the clickin' in my head,

I'll try to stay calm instead.

It's crazy all the tics and the tocs,

wonder if my head really is a clock.

Hold my head with both my hands

I can only imagine: no one understands

It's the engine that’s inside, it keeps pushin' everything behind.

Don't want to remember or I don't know what

but it feels kind of silly with the tic and the toc.

Even if I hold it steady I won't resist

tell you the truth? I know the feeling will never desist.

Is it the sights or is it the sounds that my brain wants to kill

I really don't get it maybe I’ll just take a pill.

Everyone says ‘no man’ but they don't know what it's like

to have a clock instead of my mind.